World Art Dubai, 6~9th April 2016

I am helping Japanese exhibitors called, Japan Promotion at World Art Dubai 2016 which held on 6th to 9th April. They are 2nd year exhibiting and introducing Japanese arts at the event. This year, they are representing 20 Japanese artists.

World Art Dubai 2016

World Art Dubai is a Art Exhibition held at the World Trade Centre in Dubai, the visitors can purchase paintings, photographs and sculptures from all over the world at the event. The price range of those works are USD 1,000 to 10,000/-.

There is another art event called “Art Dubai” which is more high end and for serious collectors.
World Art Dubai is more for common people who is interested in decorate your living room, but a little more than IKEA wall decorations.

Art scene in Dubai

I live in Dubai for 9 years and it’s great city for many aspects, especially for businesses and investments.

However, one thing I really miss from other cities I used to live (Tokyo & New York) is the “culture”.

I’m talking about not only museums and art/music events, but also includes historic buildings, local artists, musicians, art students, local foods, restaurants, and so on.

Looking at Dubai, it is really hard place to live as a local painters or musicians, because of high living costs, luck of funding to the artists, and general luck of interests from the public.

It seems that people are more interested in earning money than experiencing culture.

However, there is a hope.

Though still it is under construction, Emaar in Dubai is constructing Opera house. And Abu Dhabi is prepare to open the branch of Louvre Museum and Guggenheim in near future. I hope these initiatives generate more interests in arts and cultures among people.

Anyway, I’d like to introduce some of Japanese artists exhibiting at the event.

Japanese Artworks at the event

Houtou Shimazaki(島﨑鳳濤 )

Houtou Shimazaki is Japanese calligrapher.
Japanese traditional calligraphy is called “Sho-do(書道)” which means “writing way”. There is a Chinese roots in it, and by the invention of Hiragana and Katakana which is unique Japanese syllabaries, developed intrinsic styles.


Yoshitomo Hirooka(廣岡義友 )

Yoshitomo Hirooka is the oil painter, who’s abstract paintings features warmth in colour.


Dojin Daiun(大雲道人 )

Dojin is monk-artist, who is high priest of Zen Buddhism. He is using Japanese calligraphy technique to draw paintings.
He earned bronze award at the 224th Le Salon (Paris, France) in 2013.


Keiko Ito(伊藤啓子 )

Keiko Ito is Glass engraving artist. She exhibits her hand crafted Glassritzen.


Koji Nakamura(中村耕二 )

Koji Nakamura is the paper sculptor.
There is Japanese tradition called “origami” and “Kirigami", which is the type of art creating various figures by folding and cutting papers.
Koji brings this tradition to the another level.


Teruko Sano(佐野晃子)

Teruko Sano is Western (European) style painter in Japan.


Mayuko Miura(三浦真由子)

Mayuko Miura exhibits her original paintings self-styled “Shanti-Arts”.


Daiyu Yoshino(吉野大遊)

Calligraphy Artist Daiyu Yoshino expresses her spirits on handmade Japanese paper(和紙)using Chinese ink.
She has received the Heidelberg Art Award, the Vietnamese Peace Art Award, the Monaco Art Festival Marcel Pagnol Award, the Paris Modern Japonism Art Festival Grand Prize and Art France Art Cordon Blue Award of Louvre Museum.


Minako Shimonagase(下永瀬美奈子)

Minako Shimonagase creates flower bouquet out of 2mm glass beads.


Mutsuko Nishimura(西村むつ子)

Mutsuko Nishimura is a Japanese Quilt artist.


Seiko Horii (堀井晴子)

Seiko Horii is the oil painter from Akita, Japan.

Haruki Kubo (久保晴輝)

Haruki Kubo is the oil painter, known for his religious (Christianity) paintings

Emiko Kato (加藤恵美子)

Emiko Kato is the painter specialised for a pastel drawings.

Michiko Morikawa (森川道子)

Michiko Morikawa is the ink painting artist. Japanese india ink painting is using technique of sho-do calligraphy.

Yuko Akiya (秋谷裕子)

Yuko Akiya exhibits molding objects influenced by her flower arrangement background.


Taeko Tsunoda (角田妙子)

Taeko Tsunoda is Japanese-style painter received 21 Art Gold Prize, Tsukuda Kensuke Art Grand Prize, Mochida Sosho Art Grand Prize at the Aids Charity Art Exhibition. Also received the London Biennale Special Recognition Award.


Miho Murakami (村上美穂)

Miho Murakami is the oil painter.

Shunka Kano (叶春華)

Shunka Kano is a calligrapher from, Kanagawa, Japan.


Akira Uchiyama (内山アキラ)

Akira Uchiyama is a photographer lives in Murakami, Niigata, Japan.


Takuya Nakamura (中村拓哉)

Takuya Nakamura is a Ceramic/Pottery Artist from Nakano, Tokyo.


Please come and check out some of Japanese Arts at Dubai World Trade Centre Sheikh Saeed Hall (Hall 3 F10). 

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