How to Obtain Dependant (new born baby) VISA in Fujairah

The end of 2015, my wife gave birth to a baby boy in Dubai.

Me and my family all live in Dubai. But I’m a SME entrepreneur and have company registered in Fujairah with Flexi desk option.

My wife has a Visa in Dubai. However, Dubai Immigration (UAE immigration) do not provide flexibility that the mother can sponsor the baby unless she is a single mother.

So that means my baby has to apply residence VISA under my sponsorship in Fujairah.

By writing this info, I hope this helps someone out there have to do the same.

E84 from Dubai to Fujairah


At first, it seems pretty onerous job. But once you done it, it’s quite easy. Important part of this job is to collect all the required documents.

Here are documents required;

  • Original Passport of your baby
  • Birth Certificate (Arabic) with UAE attestation
  • At least 2 Pictures (UAE visa size) of your baby
  • Salary Certificate (from Free Zone Authority, If you have a company registered in Free Zones like me.)
  • Tenancy Contract, or Ejari if you are Dubai resident
  • Passport copies and UAE Residence VISA copies of Father and Mother
  • Marriage certificate with UAE attestation (Japanese/English translation in our case)
  • AED450/- for baby VISA fee. (+ typing centre Emirates ID Fee: AED370)

For Marriage Certificate, we have it attested at UAE Embassy in Tokyo. No arabic translations, but it was OK.

Fujairah Immigration (General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs Al Fujairah) is located near Fujairah Airport and Al Diar Siji Hotel. Also Lulu mall is in same area.

Bring above documents, then;

  1. Go to one of the typing centres next to immigration’s entrance.
  2. Go to immigrations office, take a token/ticket for your turn.
  3. The officer will check all your documents and makes data entry.
  4. You will suggested to pay (AED35) at Empost counter. (Even though you will not need to mail the passport)
  5. The officer will print Pink VISA sticker, and paste it immediately in your baby’s passport.
  6. Done
  7. Then you can go back to typing office to do Emirates ID of your baby. (Or maybe you can do it by yourself through online registration)

It took about 10 minutes in Immigration office, and hustle free. (Unless you forgot some documents)

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