Talking About South Korea

There is one country really frustrates me (or maybe all of us, Japanese) once in a while. Which is South Korea.

It's like mosquitoes around your head. It happens once in a while.

I'm not talking about Korean people, but it's country.

North Korea is public enemy No.1 (or 2, maybe) in the world, and it's government abducted many young Japanese and children in the past. However its always South Korea who get on our nerves the most.

One example here. South Korean thieves stole historic statues from Japanese temple. Then Korea's supreme court orders not to return those to Japan. The court says Japan needs to prove "it's not stolen from Korea or wherever in the past."

Wait. Someone stole something from me, then I have to prove my ancestors did not steal it from somewhere….

What kind of stupid logic is that?


Now, yet again Korea successfully annoys us. Which is;

‘Comfort women’ statue installed near Japanese consulate in Busan

By the way, I'm not a nationalist at all. I'm pretty liberal.
One of my Japanese friends even call me Anti-Patriotism, because I'm often critical of what Japan's doing.

It's Done Deal : South Korea - Japan Comfort Women Agreement

Here is BBC link regarding the agreement.

Japan and South Korea agree WW2 'comfort women' deal

Japan and South Korea reached an agreement on Dec 2015. Main principles are;

  • Japanese government (Japan's prime minister) officially apologize to those who suffered during the War time. (Actually, Japan apologized probably more than 10 times up to today) 
  • Japanese government pays 1 billion yen to support the victims. (Japan, include public fund, actually paid more than that already in the past) 
  • It will consider the matter resolved "finally and irreversibly" (actually the war issue between Japan and South Korea is supposed to be resolved in Japan - Korea treaty in 1965) 
  • South Korea will look into removing the statue symbolizing comfort women.

Based on agreement, Japan payed 1 Billion Japanese Yen, and Korea gradly took it already.

I was actually a bit annoyed by this agreement back then, because of the line "South Korea will look into removing the stature….". It does not say "Korea will definitely remove the statues from all over the world".

If you are dealing with the country like Korea, you have to make sure it's written in definite wording and President Park Geuen-Hye's finger prints on it. Because you are dealing with…. Ah.. South Korea…

I am sometimes quite disappointed by MOFA (Ministry of Foreign affairs) Japan. Their lack of negotiating ability causing a lot of issues later. Japan's desktop elites from Tokyo university has been pretty horrendous on negotiation at times.


Here. We. Go. Again.

South Korea's activist group installed yet another comfort women statue in front of Japanese consulate in Busan, the second largest city in Korea. (There is one statue already in front of Japanese embassy in Seoul, if you do not know..)

The issue is not what Japan haters (activist group) did. Haters gonna hate no matter what.

After the statue is installed in Busan, Korean government says that the issue is between Japan and civic group, so Japan has to talk to group to solve the issue.

Wait. WUT???

The agreement is done deal. The agreement is between the 2 countries. It's done. Period.

South Korea. You are not making sense at all. And you do not have any credibility (sadly as always).

Here is the problem with the comfort women statue

Now the comfort women statues are all over the world, installed successfully by Japan haters and city officials backed by haters vote and money.

Here is the problem.

The statue states "200,000 girls are taken by Japanese army and force to become the sex slaves…" That is complete fabrication and well documented (at least in Japanese) already.

Do you know where the number 200,000 coming from?

That is the number of girls who worked for the factory during the WW2. Not in the brothels.

Japan's Asahi Shimbun (Asahi News Paper company) famously mixed up the factory workers and those who worked as prostitute, and then fabricate the story. They also published other comfort women stories coming from bogus sources. Asahi Shimbun officially appologized 30 years after the fabricated story.

The writer of the story was Japanese whose wife is Korean comfort women activist who sued Japanese Government for seeking money based on her husbands story.

Before Asahi Shimbun's story came up, no Koreans ever claim about comfort women sufferings. So basically Asahi shimbun create the issue and Korea took an advantage of it.

Even though Asahi apologized 30 years later, that was too late. The damage is very well done.
I hope Asahi shimbun simply cease the operation and disappear.

I don't go through the comfort women history here. Even though there are a lot of fabricated stories around, there were people who actually suffered at the Japanese army authorized brothels.
It's during the war time. Horrible things happened. I feel really sorry for those who suffered. And I believe Japan is taking responsibility based on the fact.

But, if you fabricate the story and built the statue based on the political purposes, that is plain wrong.

I see more disgust among Japanese people toward Korea

Everybody know how Koreans hate Japanese. Korean schools teach student to hate Japan. That makes them strong as a country, as a unit, as a team. And Chinese communist party's tactic is somewhat similar.

It was not a big issue they hating us. There was a war. Many people suffered.

In 1990's, I was watching TV program interviewing Korean young people. All of them claimed they don't like Japan.
I got very strange feeling why everybody consistently dislike one particular country. The War is already 50 years ago back then. Those young Korean people in TV program are not in the generation of War.

Some of Korean Expert says it's not really a hate. More like a love/hate feelings.
I don't know about it, but many Koreans seem to love to visit Japan.

So it was all ok until recently.

But now, I guess the feeling towards Korea are changing among Japanese. Many Japanese are really start disliking Korea.

Because things are bit too much. What Korea is doing simply lacks common sense. We feel disgusted.

If Japanese start disliking Korea, that is real dislike. We will choose not to visit Korea and not to buy Korean products.

I don't know if that is what really Koreans want from us.

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